Selected articles

Topics varying from dance history to performance practice and interviews. Mainly published in magazines, but also in research conference proceedings.

Barockdansen i fokus

Article on Solen och Nordstjärnan in Swedish Early Music Magazine, 2018

Tid för barock

Feature article on baroque dance, including interviews with Karin Modigh, Danstidningen 2017

Générations baroques

Special feature issue on French baroque dance, supervised by Bruno Benne and including an interview with Karin Modigh, Ballroom 2014

Une dernière tentative d’emploi : le dossier de candidature de Jean-Georges Noverre au roi de Suède en 1791

Publication of conference proceedings from Sorbonne IV in Paris by Karin Modigh and Irène Ginger, Revue Musicorum no 10, 2011 Summary in Swedish, published in Tidig Musik 2014

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