Keep it alive – dance it!

“Tempus Fugit! Three years of the International Summer Academy have passed. Time filled with fun and shared experiences, moments that have touched me and memories that will stay with me. Now, heading towards our fourth year, I am moved when thinking of the fact that these experiences get a second life when they keep living within the people who were there to share them. When they serve as a base for continuous work at all the places in Europe and elsewhere where the participants are based, the Academy starts to live on its own. Let’s keep connecting, exchanging, diffusing…

The Summer Academy has found its formula, a structure, but within this we keep all the freedom to be inventive. And perhaps courageous. Because when you have a solid base to build on, you can allow yourself to dare. So this year, we invite you to join us in exploring new horizons, heading further for new adventures, without losing our fundament.

The main theme of the 2017 edition is the dancers’ perspective. How do we make ourselves available for what we are about to perform? How can we be creative and courageous within the framework given by the choreographer, be it a living one or not? Within this, there are a few underlying themes: next generation – male dance technique – body awareness – improvisation. In short, we put a clear focus on how you do, not what you do. Because, as put so well by Catherine Turocy during the 2016 Academy: ‘Baroque dance is not just steps on a paper’.

So after last year’s line-up of choreographers, we are happy to present a line-up of some of the most experienced dancers within the field. As always, the fundamentals are present: – A clear focus on movement and body awareness. – A summer course conceptualised by dancers for dancers. – Main baroque dance classes (Feuillet notated repertoire or contemporary baroque dance choreographies). – Optional afternoon courses open to students at both levels. – Morning warm-ups and late afternoon stretches, to keep the body fresh throughout the week. – A welcoming and friendly atmosphere promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Across the program, whatever you choose as optional courses, we make sure that you take care of your body and mind through a well-balanced schedule. Finally, although the course is created and designed by dancers for dancers, if you are a musician, a singer, or an actor, you are most welcome to join and develop your skills with us!

Together with the dance department team at Löftadalen Conservatory, I am proud to present the programme for the 2017 edition, and I hope to see you there!”

Karin Modigh, Artistic Director of Nordic Baroque Dancers

The 4th edition of the International Summer Academy of Baroque Dance will take place 25 June – 1 July (beginners/intermediates) and 9-15 July (advanced/professional).

The full programme will be released and registrations will open on Friday 30 December.
Until then, it will be released bit by bit on our Facebook page.