Don’t miss this concert with French harpsichordist Loris Barrucand, who is also accompanying the classes at the International Summer Academy of Baroque Dance at Löftadalen Conservatory.

“Erratic, capricious and bizarre”

The Pièces de clavecin by Antoine and Jean-Baptiste Forqueray
Loris Barrucand, harpsichord

Friday 17 July 2015
A-salen, Löftadalen Conservatory, Åsa
Entrance 100 SEK
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If certain French musicians and composers from the 18th century had been able to give the impression that they enjoyed peaceful and morally wholistic lives, the same could certainly not be said about viola da gamba player and composer Antoine Forqueray. A violent husband, heartless father, insatiable drinker, as well as a quick-tempered, spiteful, “erratic, capricious and bizarre” person, Antoine’s life seemed to be made up solely of legal disputes and family conflicts. Despite an extremely dissolute private life, this musician born in 1672 was one of the most sought-after viol players in his time, both as a teacher and as a performer whose masterful improvisations displayed his virtuosic technical prowess. Holding positions at both the Chambre du Roi and the Chapelle Royale, Antoine Forqueray also gave many concerts for the Duke of Orléans, the Prince of Condé and the Duchess of Maine.

Two years after his death in 1745, Jean-Baptiste, the despised son of Antoine, published in Paris five suites of pieces for viol composed by his late father, followed later that year by his transcription of the same works for harpsichord. Although his obituary describes him as having composed approximately three hundred pieces, only these 5 suites have survived, containing a total of twenty-five pieces. Who knows how many treasures have been destroyed? Who knows how many masterpieces remain undiscovered on the shelves of some unknown library?



Quatrième suite
La Marella
La Clément
La D’Aubonne
La Bournonville
La Sainscy
Le Carillon de Passy
La Latour

Cinquième suite
La Rameau
La Guignon
La Léon, Sarabande
La Boisson
La Montigni
La Sylva

Length: 60 min



A native of Savoie, France, Loris Barrucand began his harpsichord studies at the Conservatory of Annecy. At the age of 17, he was admitted to the classes of Olivier Baumont (harpsichord) and Blandine Rannou (basso continuo) at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse in Paris, where he recently completed his Master’s studies. His master thesis, written under the guidance of musicologist Elisabeth Gallat-Morin, focuses on the musical life in New France (the area colonized by France in North America). Outside of his formal studies, he has worked with renowned musicians such as Christophe Rousset, Bertrand Cuiller, Kenneth Weiss, Hank Knox, Luc Beauséjour, Françoise Lengellé, Mira Glodeanu and Lionel Sow, among others.

An avid supporter of interdisciplinary approaches to baroque art, Loris Barrucand has participated in the production of La Belle Absente, a theatrical, musical, and choreographed work written by actor France David and composer Jean-Christophe Revel.
In June and July 2014 he was seen and heard collaborating with the dance troupes Les Jardins Chorégraphiques and Compagnie Beaux-Champs, as well as performing in a duo with harpsichordist Clément Geoffroy in Les Indes Galantes ou les Automates de Topkapi, a franco-québécois production for four dancers and two harpsichordists based on the danced airs from J.-Ph. Rameau’s Les Indes Galantes.
In May 2015, this production was brought to Toronto for two critically-acclaimed performances at the Toronto Masque Theatre.
Since 2013, Loris Barrucand has been a member of the Académie Desprez, an organisation that encourages the international development and influence of the Drottningholms Slottsteater in Sweden.


This program has received support from the Meyer Foundation to create a recording as part of the Young Soloists Collection (CNSMDP/Fondation Meyer)