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‘The dancers give a playful impression. Identically dressed, in simple blueish gray, Karin Modigh and Noah Hellwig mirror each other. They sail through the air, flow along the floor and play hopscotch to movements by François Couperin’s Les Concerts Royaux, written for the court of Louis XIV. All with a stylized baroque elegance.’
Interview with Karin Modigh in Epoch Times 27 April 2017

‘Above all, it’s a fabulous production with actors moving simultaneously in a mix of stylized baroque dance and contemporary performance art. The text is presented with a creative movement choreography and a high level of performance by everyone involved.’
The Misanthrope in ÖstgötaCorrespondenten 6 November 2016

‘A charming divertissement. Les Grandes Nuits/Vadstena Academy in Skånska Dagbladet 10 July 2015

‘Operabyrån presents a piece of reality. […] Through her dance, Karin Modigh reveals a 17th century which feels both far and near.’ Love and the Courtesan in Motala/Vadstena Tidning 29 July 2013

‘Karin Modigh’s baroque dance reinforces the content of the text, but also draws the audience in with an expression all of its own. […] The stylized dance, which took the silence as its point of departure and then created a rhythmical counterpoint to the music, was one of the highlights of the performance, challenging the audience’s sense of artistic synthesis. Love and the Courtesan in Norrköpings Tidningar 29 July 2013

‘Tranquil and thought-provoking’, Love and the Courtesan in ÖstgötaCorrespondenten 28 July 2013

’Karin Modigh’s Gavotte pour la Suite de Flore from Atys was lovely and light’, Boston Early Music Orchestra Concert in The Boston Musical Intelligencer 18 June 2013

’Händel’s First Opera at the Boston Early Music Festival’, Opera Today 28 June 2013

Review of Almira, New York Arts 17 June 2013

’Another triumph for the festival’, Almira in The New York Times 13 June 2013

’Handel’s Almira Winner as BEMF Opener’, The Boston Musical Intelligencer 11 June 2013

’Ett fyrverkeri av känslor’, Don Juan in Svenska Dagbladet 13 August 2011

’Tidlöst dansdrama till intim musik’, Le Visage Humain in ÖstgötaCorrespondenten 18 August 2010

Review of Henry and the Magic Passacaglia, Svenska Dagbladet 04 March 2010

Review of Pygmalion & Anacréon, Svenska Dagbladet 11 June 2007

Video documentary on Armide, featuring Karin Modigh’s company Nordic Baroque Dancers, produced in Innsbruck in August 2015
Karin Modigh, Noah Hellwig and Robert Le Nuz speak about Armide and about their work to develop baroque dance together with choreographer and director Deda Cristina Colonna, Innsbruck August 2015.
Deda Cristina Colonna speaks about her work as choreographer and stage director of Armide, and her close work with the dancers, Innsbruck August 2015.
Trailer from Mrs Cornelys’ Entertainments – An 18th Century Variété by Simon Murphy/New Dutch Academy. Featuring Karin Modigh in the title role. The Hague, November 2015.

Inspired by Dance
Final dance performance as part of Tormod Dalen’s research project ‘Zum Spielen und zum Tantzen – A kinaesthetic exploration of the Bach cello suites through studies in Baroque choreography’.
Norges Musikkhøgskole, Oslo, 19 August 2012.

Articles / press

‘Karin Modigh tar barockdansen in i samtiden.’ Interview with Karin Modigh in Epoch Times 28 April 2017, in connection with Noah Hellwig’s and Karin Modigh’s off-baroque performance with the Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble

Zum Spielen und zum Tantzen – A kinaesthetic exploration of the Bach cello suites through studies in Baroque choreography‘ – Tormod Dalen’s research project undertaken at the Norwegian Academy of Music between 2009 and 2012, and published in the Journal for Artistic Research.

Stage director Sigrid T’Hooft on emotions, candlelight and Göttingen…‘ – an interview with the stage director and choreographer of Imeneo at Händel Festspiele Göttingen 2016.

‘Générations baroques’ – special feature issue on baroque dance in French dance magazine Ballroom #4 2014. Interview with Karin Modigh, among many others.

Live radio interview with Karin Modigh about baroque dance and Barbara Strozzi, Swedish Radio P2 29 July 2013

Zum Spielen und zum Tantzen – A Kinaesthetic Exploration of the Bach Cello Suites through Studies in Baroque Choreography‘, a critical reflection and documentation of Tormod Dalen’s research at The Norwegian Academy of Music, May 2013

Coverage from Belgian TV culture news of Odeo/Gregesche with Corpo Barocco/Sigrid T’Hooft, Flanders festival AMUZ in Antwerpen, September 2012

”Dansen i Bach’s cellosviter – ur en dansant norsk cellists perspektiv”, article by Tormod Dalen in Tidig Musik 2/2012

Mungigan 2012 till Karin Modigh, interview in Tidig Musik 2/2012

”Une dernière tentative d’emploi : le dossier de candidature au roi de Suède en 1791”, conference publication by Karin Modigh and Irène Ginger, Revue Musicorum no 10

”Drottningholm ger barockdansen liv”, report on Don Juan by Anna Ångström in SvD 11 August 2011

Musik och makt vid Solkungens hov, by Saga Mellin in Tidig Musik 4/2010

Dansare – ett tåligt släkte, interviews with baroque dancers by Saga Mellin in Tidig Musik 3/2010

Kroppens och musikens polyfoni, interview with conductor Peter van Heyghen by Karin Modigh in Tidig Musik 3/2010

Den infångade dansen, introduction to Feuillet notation by Anna Karin Ståhle in Tidig Musik 3/2010

An overview of dance and music types from the baroque, Karin Modigh 2009

P2 web radio: Catherine Turocy and Karin Modigh on baroque dance and gesture, 23 October 2009

”Anorna hafva mer välde i contradans än växelbref”: Sällskapsdans och

klassamhällets ankomst vid slutet av 1700-talet, graduate paper by Saga Mellin, June 2009

Interview with Ana Yepes, by Karin Modigh in Tidig Musik 4/2008

Henrik III visste att föra sig, by Karl Steinick in Svenska Dagbladet 15 October 2008

Interview with Jerôme Corréas and Karin Modigh, Tidig Musik 2/2007

Barockdans i utveckling, by Bétina Marcolin in Danstidningen 2/2007

Baroque Dance Tempi [in English], lecture by Karin Modigh with reference to research made by Ann-Marie Ulfvarson, May 2007

Resource material

Stockholm City Archives/Stockholmskällan: contredanse manuals Tour-Bok 1797 and Not Bok B

Library of Congress: Dance Instruction Manuals

Bibliothèque nationale de France: Chorégraphie (Descan 1748)

Bibliothèque nationale de France – Gallica: Nouveau recüeil de dance by M. Gaudrau

Sächsische Landesbibliothek: Leçons de Danse (Louis Delpêch, 1772)

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